Kabarak Business School.

The global economy is becoming increasingly dynamic, convergent and competitive. Therefore contemporary business education must be responsive to these realities. This is what you get at Kabarak School of Business and Economics. We aspire to bring forth new ideas with lasting impact on the theory and practice of today’s management. Our curriculum is continually informed by research and industry insights and is bold, rigorous and global in outlook. We are committed to expanding our curriculum, enhance our research output, and maintain our connections with the industry and the world.

We have trained generations of leaders who have helped shape the world of business in Kenya and beyond. Our aim is to create knowledge with enduring impact; and to influence and educate current and future leaders..

School of Business and Economics is committed to transforming business education to take full advantage of experiential, global, and entrepreneurial learning opportunities..

We will continue to advance and remain competitive, producing industry ready graduates and impactful research. We welcome you to join us at the school of the future. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, the future indeed does belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


The School of Business and economics’ Mission and Vision are consistent with the aspirations of Kabarak University.


To be a world class centre of Academic excellence with exemplary leadership in creation of business knowledge, research and consultancy founded on Biblical Christian values.


Our mission is to develop quality human resource capacity, nurture and empower keen minds to lead organizations and serve society by providing a holistic world class business education based on research, practical skills and Biblical Christian values.

We pursue our mission by:

  • Delivering programs that are market driven
  • Enriching our research and teaching through close interaction between theory and practice.
  • Continuous improvement driven by self-assessment and external benchmarking.
  • Recruiting qualified staff and students and providing them with the necessary support to achieve academic excellence.
  • Producing innovative research with the highest possible impact on society.
  • Preparing our students for careers in business and academia by equipping them with relevant knowledge and skills.


Our core values and enduring principles underpinning KSBE’s performance and culture are anchored in the Kabarak university philosophy of education in Biblical Christian perspective, and includes;
  • Integration of Christian faith:
    We integrate Biblical Christian faith in teaching and learning
  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning:
    We offer quality education, reward excellence in education and research with quality-learning facilities.
  • Scholarly research:
    Producing cutting-edge research with both academic and industry applications
  • Market Orientation/Align with Industry:
    We develop and adapt market driven programs and services.
  • Professionalism and Integrity:
    We promote, uphold and sustain high standards of expertise, professionalism and ethical responsibility
  • Innovation and Creativity:
    We foster creativity, incorporate new ideas and use new and most appropriate technology to achieve innovative solutions
  • Enterprise and career management:
    We strive to be resourceful, entrepreneurial, nurturing talent and managing career development
  • Responsibility:
    We pursue our mission of educating our students with a great sense of responsibility and stewardship of resources.
  • Diversity, Equality and Teamwork:
    We promote inclusivity, value diversity and team spirit to achieve our Vision and Mission. Our approach is based on openness, fairness and mutual respect
  • Accountability, Transparency and Empowerment:
    The School upholds a culture of ethics, transparency and accountability in its internal governance and in dealing with all stakeholders.


As members of Kabarak University family, we purpose at all times and in all places to set apart in one’s heart Jesus Christ as Lord (1Peter 3:15).


a) Degree Programs
  1. MSc. in Finance
  2. MSc. in Project Management.
  3. MSc. in Human Resource Management.
  4. Master in Business Administration (MBA) – Options: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, HRM, Marketing, Strategic Management and Operation Management
  5. Master of Science in Organization Development
  6. Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management
  7. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  8. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics
  9. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance.
  10. Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) - Options: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management and Marketing.
  11. Bachelor of Business Information Technology(BBIT)
  12. Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management[AGBM]
  13. Bachelor of Business Management and Information technology ( BMIT)
  14. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematics
  15. Bachelor of Science in Economics
b) Diploma Programs
  1. Diploma in Public Relations
  2. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  3. Diploma in Project Management
  4. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Diploma in Procurement and Logistics[DPL]
  6. Diploma in Business Management[DBM]
  7. Diploma in Business Information Technology( DBIT)
  8. Diploma in Hospitality Management[DHM]
  9. Diploma in Tourism Management[DTM]
  10. Diploma in Human Resource Management [DHRM]
  11. Diploma in Sales and Marketing [DSM]
  12. Diploma in Business Administration
Upcoming Programs
  1. MSc in Forensic Accounting
  2. MSc in Marketing
  3. Bachelor of Science in Project Management
  4. Bachelor of Science in International Relations and Diplomacy
  5. Diploma in Cooperative Management